Sunday, 19 February 2017

Rising comedic star in Durban: Kamz Govender

The first time I saw Kamz Govender live was on stage at the Pavilion Hotel, Durban. The show was promoted by Masood Boomgaard, and R100 for 10 live acts including Rory Petzer and Mo Vawda? No brainer - this was too good an opportunity to miss. Kamz stood out of the crowd, and it might have something to do with his witty sense of humour, complete deadpan expression and clever play on words. It was at this point I knew, I'm definitely a fan! 

Speaking to Kamz, he decided to take up stand-up comedy, which he considers an art form, because it runs in the family. His mother, Anasia Govender is an entertainer and they've both inherited quick wit and humour from his grandfather, a one liner specialist. Kamz had entered a comedy competition in February 2016, progressing through to the Finals and he describes his journey since then as "a life changing journey". 

Kamz writes all his own material, making use of puns and catch phrases. He believes that the real skill in his art is the ability to write your own jokes, and infuse a lot of your own personality in your work. He believes inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere, from friends, places, sometimes out of absolutely nothing and feels comedy subjective - it's all about your perspective. 

I've noticed recently that stand-up comedy is fast growing in Durban and Kamz confirms that this is true. "We're building more and more platforms for new and experienced comedians to work at their craft, and there are many companies helping us along the way like 031 Entertainment, The Agency and On Fire Comedy. To be honest, without the guidance of Carvin H Goldstone and Neil Green, I would not be where I am today. They are really taking Durban comedy to great heights!" says Kamz.

According to Kamz, some of his favourite comedians to watch perform (and some of my favourite too) are Carvin H Goldstone, Neil Green, Mfundo Ndovela, Andrew Hughes, Daryl Williams, Dillan Oliphant, PrinsVR and Dalain Olive. 
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