Friday, 20 January 2017

The Pink Table Project on World Cancer Day

The Pink Table Project on World Cancer Day is a Global Initiative challenging Restaurants Worldwide to host Pink Table Dinner Parties & Cancer Support Fundraisers in aid of a Beneficiary in their country.
On World Cancer Day 2016, South Africa launched phase 1 of The Pink Table Project, which was the largest Pink Table Dinner Party and Cancer Awareness Fundraiser the country had ever seen, with over 80 participating host restaurants, and more than 1 000 eager and generous patrons.

With such an overwhelming success, the project soon surpassed our South African borders, and this coming World Cancer day in 2017, they are able to go global, taking their project to over 20 countries!

The Pink Table Project has partnered with, the leading restaurant guide application, to elevate the project on an International scale.
Their primary focus is #IFoundHealthy, where they aim to prove that not only do most restaurants have Healthier Menu Items available for their patrons, but that Restaurant Chefs can excite us with Healthy Eating options, showing that Healthy can be both Decadent & Delicious. In doing so they want to discover and celebrate the World's Healthiest Menu's with the Launch of a Pink Menu on World Cancer Day.

Join us, ‘Dressed in Pink and Left to Sparkle’, as we Celebrate Good Food in Good Restaurants, being inspired to not only find ways to indulge in healthy living so that we can learn to manage our own Wellness Journey, but to enjoy every second of that experience, all the while supporting global Cancer organizations whose daily task it is to support those who can’t always help themselves.
Our Cancer Support Beneficiary Select in South Africa is the PinkDrive,
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