Tuesday, 10 January 2017

So Whipped Cafe - Unicorn Poop Hot Chocolate

So Whipped Cafe, located in Gateway Theatre of Shopping is owned and run by Durban business woman, Candice Courtney. The Cafe is a magical coffee shop located on the Ground Floor, just outside the Wavehouse on the northern side of the super regional shopping centre and offers some of the most delicious cafe lite meals and decadent cakes, cupcakes, eclairs and coffee. The Cafe describes itself as a "happy, creative, carefree space" and that's exactly what you get.

Their latest offering, Unicorn Poop Hot Chocolate, released this year is everything! It's a feast for the eyes and combines the latest Unicorn trend. You've seen this trend all over Pinterest, from unicorn make up tutorials to unicorn hair (colourful hair in beautiful shades of pink, aqua and green), body tattoos and even unicorn macarons!

I can't wait to get my tastebuds into this fun creation and here's hoping it becomes the drink of the year!

Find So Whipped online here: 

Website: www.sowhipped.co.za
Email: events@sowhipped.co.za
Facebook: So Whipped
Instagram: @sowhipped
Twitter: @sowhippedcakes events@sowhipped.co.zaevents

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