Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Restaurant Feature: Cape Town Fish Market

I love sushi. All of it - any time. There's just something so satisfying about a perfectly constructed bite sized California Roll that puts my endorphins into overdrive. I was introduced to sushi through a friend, Rishaad who had spent three glorious weeks in Japan. While there, he discovered a 1 Yen sushi restaurant and I guess you would develop an appetite for raw fish after eating it for 21 days straight. We ordered a platter to share and he took us through the process - why the pickled ginger cleanses the palate, how wasabi is grown over a long period in flowing water and harvested at specific times (which is why authentic wasabi is incredibly expensive), how to hold your chop sticks and what the different types of sushi entail. From nigiri, maki, rolls of every variation and the cream of the crop, sashimi, we grew to love this indulgence. 

Sushi culture in Durban has blossomed over the years, with many restaurants popping up around eThekwini due to the growing demand. I've sampled sushi from many establishments and I keep going back to Cape Town Fish Market for some of the freshest sushi made by very experienced chefs. Cape Town Fish Market in Gateway Theatre of Shopping provides a seafood menu that ranges between starters, main meals, platters, desserts and of course, a fully fledged sushi bar. The cosmopolitan and modern restaurant has a team of dedicated staff to keep diners smiling and offers daily specials - can you say winning! 

Since tomorrow is #TreatYourselfThursday  - in my mind anyway, check out their Thursday specials with discounted sushi platters. We're big on saving, especially in January. 

Where have you had the best sushi in Durban? Comment below and give me some of your recommendations!

Yo Homi

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