Sunday, 8 January 2017

Beauty Review: Vaseline

Let's just say I'm really not what you would call "high maintenance". In fact, give me the simplest route to perfect skin and I will probably fall hook, line and sinker. I saw the adverts for the new Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser online and in-store and it immediately piqued my interest. A moisturizer in a spray? Like a deodorant for your legs? HELLO!

The product claims to moisturize and absorb into the skin in seconds while restoring dry skin. It's also non-greasy and includes micro droplets of Vaseline jelly. It's a continuous spray where you hold the product 10 cm's away from your skin and spray all over your body in a continous motion. The three varients of the product is Aloe Soothe (featured above), Cocoa Radiant and Essential Healing (cream in colour). Sounds cool, right?

I was impressed with how light the texture of the product is on my skin. It's hydrating without leaving white residue all over my legs and arms, which I love. It was quick to apply, which is great if you're in a rush in the morning (like we all are).

I picked this up at Clicks this weekend and it's currently on promotion until the 23 January 2017 (selected stores only) where you receive 30% off and pay only R59.95! Try it out and let me know what you think - pretty certain this is going to be your go to beauty product for 2017!

Yo Homi  

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